Golden Valley MN cost of garage door installation

There are many factors involved when you are estimating the Golden Valley MN cost of garage door installation. For one, the material used to make it affects it greatly. Secondly, the style and design is also an important thing to consider when making an estimate.

The Basic

A basic garage door on average would measure 16x7ft. It comes without any design or glass whatsoever. The cost of basic sturdy wood would, on the average, start selling at $500. For very additional feature you add would of course add to its’ cost. Installation fee is usually $100 but it could either be more or less depending on your dealer. An aluminum garage door would normally cost $400 at least, while basic steel garage doors start at $360.

Golden Valley MN cost of garage door installationMid-Range Doors

The garage doors in the mid-range are for consumers who want to buy quality doors that compliment their homes. The cost of this kind is also budget-friendly, not too cheap but not too expensive. Customers can choose from different styles and designs available. The materials used for these are of good quality. Wooden ones would, on the average, cost about $1,200 to $3000 depending on the kind of wood and design chosen. A steel types would typically cost $500 and the more high-quality steel could go as far up as $1,500.

High-End Doors

High-end garage doors are all about customization. Wooden doors of this type are the most popular because wood gives a natural and elegant look that is easy to customize. These doors are only for those with very deep pockets and are willing to pay, at the least, $2,500 per door. Its size, color, design and materials all scream one-of-a-kind. Some are even going as far as having a craftsman turn a piece of wood into a work of art.

Before buying, you have to make sure that the cost of garage doors you like fit within your allotted budget. There is no use of buying very expensive types and not be able to pay for their maintenance.